Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well with everyone. 

The regular season is over with and on to the playoffs. I can’t believe that it is April already! Our Fanniversary is this Saturday April 13th. It has been 22 years since our team left. I hope you can make it as we will be having a variety of prizes to give out.

As a club, we have had a very busy season, having gone on two hockey trips (Philly & New Jersey) with everyone having a great time. We gave out free prizes on both trips with people receiving a gift bag with one item in it. We also raffled off a total of 3 Whalers jackets between both trips. Thank you everyone who participated in the raffle. The raffle money will be given to a charity of the club's choice.

It was also truly a wonderful season in terms of club events with our wonderful December holiday party, March viewing party seeing the Bruins vs Canes, and marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade. The HWBC sincerely thanks everyone who attended. 

Lastly, our final gathering for this season is the Whalers reunion at the Yard Goats game on July 13th. We have tickets on the 3rd base line for $13.00, please see our website for the link. The Yard Goats will also be having a luncheon with the players with a separate cost of $50.00 and the tickets can be purchased directly on the Yard Goats website.

I would say we had a great season and please stay tuned for next season as well as keep a close eye out for the upcoming schedule of coming trips and events.


Joanne Cortesa


Hartford Whalers Booster Club